Fortnite: Where are the Cars and How to Drive Them?

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Right now, Fortnite is the best battle royale game. Since the release of the game, Fortnite has rolled out several surprises. Most of the players were waiting for the new update, but it’s probably not going to be released anytime soon. However, some players are curious to know, “where did the cars go?” Cars are missing from the streets, parking, and a few more locations.  Now some players are expecting that they might be available for driving in the future. However, the important thing is that players should know the location of cars and how to find them. Apart from the cars, it’s necessary to know the gas station as well. So here is the guide to find the cars and gas station.
Fortnite: Where are the Cars and How to Drive Them?

Fortnite Car Locations
Right now, the chances of getting the cars in the game are quite low because most of the side of the map is flooded. Right now, sharks and boats are perfect for transporting, so cars might come back later in the game. The current season of the map is flooded, but cars might come back in the game over the course of the season. To use the cars, it is necessary to have ground-based tracks which are not completely available at the moment.

Since the cars are not part of the game yet, it’s not easy to say when players will be able to drive cars in the game. However, with every season, Fortnite makes some changes in the game, so there is a slight chance of getting cars in the game.

Fortnite Gas Station Locations
Based on leaked information, one thing is sure that there will be gas stations in the game for cars. Players will be required to fill up the gas if they are driving. The gas station will play a major role when cars arrive in the game. However, there are several gas station locations available on the map.
  • A5: Holly Hedges
  • D4: Salty Springs
  • D2: Pleasant Park
  • E2: East of Pleasant Park
  • G2: West of Steamy Stacks
  • G4: East of Frenzy Farm
  • F5: South of Frenzy Farm
  • F6: Lazy Lake
  • G7: Catty Corner
  • D7: West of Misty Meadows
On the map, these are the locations to fill the gas in the vehicle. There is still time left for the current season to end.

Since the launch of Fortnite, Epic Games has worked continuously to launch amazing content. As a result, Fortnite is among the top battle royale games. Cars are a major missing part in the game, and hopefully, Epic Games will fill this gap soon.

SOURCE:- Fortnite: Where are the Cars and How to Drive Them?

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