Forgot Orbi Password? Here's How to Recover it!

As we all know, Netgear Orbi is one of the most popular brands helping users to enjoy flawless internet. If you want an Orbi to work without any hindrance then there is a need to perform the Orbi WiFi setup. After configuring an Orbi, one can access the internet on various WiFi-enabled device, this it is important to secure it by changing the default password.

But, what if you forgot Orbi's password and can't log in to your Orbi? Well, worry not! Using various steps, one can recover the Orbi password. Here's how to do it.

Steps to Recover Orbi WiFi Router Login Password

1. Make sure your Orbi is turned on.

2. Now, open an internet browser on a device that is connected to your Orbi.

Quick Tip: Though you can use any web browser to access the Orbi login page, it would be better if an updated web browser is being used by you for the process.

1. Once done, type orbilogin com in the address bar of your internet browser.

2. As soon as you press the Enter key, you will be taken to the Orbi login window.

3. There you will be asked to enter the Orbi login details. But, as you are facing orbilogin forgot password issue, you would not be able to access the dashboard of your Orbi.

4. In such a situation, locate the Cancel button and click it.

5. If you have enabled the password recovery option at the time of doing Orbi setup, then you will be prompted to enter the serial number of your Orbi.

6. So, enter the serial number in the prompted field and proceed further by hitting the Continue button.

7. A few security questions will be asked to check if the Orbi password change request is from the authorized person or not.

8. So, answer your security questions rightly and click the Continue option.

9. You will see a window revealing on your device's screen showing the recovered password of your Orbi WiFi router.

10. Now, again get access to the Orbi login window and use the recovered password to get success.

This is how you can recover your Orbi password and make the most of it by logging in. Just in case you still can't recover the password of your Orbi, then you will have to reset your Orbi to the default settings.

You can take your Orbi back to factory default by hitting the physical Reset button on your Orbi. However, keep in mind that you will again need to configure your Orbi for making it up and running.

Here ends our guide on how to fix the forgot Orbi password issue. If you are looking for any further assistance to take your Orbi experience to the next level, feel free to send your query to us via comments. Our experts will try their best to help you make the most of your Orbi by fixing all the glitches.

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