For my friends they extracted that they know that it is a Venezuelan Halla

Un primer plano de la comida

Halca or hayaca1 2 is a traditional tamale3 from Venezuela. 4 5 6 7 8 It consists of a dough of corn flour seasoned with chicken or chicken broth and pigmented with onoto or achiote, filled with stew of beef, pork and chicken or chicken, a few versions that have fish, 9 additionally also have olives, raisins, capers, paprika and onion, wrapped in a rectangular shape in banana leaves, to finally be tied with wick or pita and boiled in water.10 It is one of the national dishes of Venezuela, although it is typical of the Christmas season, it can be served at any time of the year.11 It is also popular on the island of Curaçao and its neighbors Aruba and Bonaire, in the Canary Islands, 12 Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Spain, and in Ecuador due to Venezuelan migration in the last decade. In these places it has been adopted as one of their traditional dishes, especially at Christmas.13 Halca is prepared with industrially processed corn flour, previously it was prepared from homemade dough, grinding the corn, that is, without the shell or husk, and ground in a table mill.9 The ingredients of the Hallaca vary according to to certain regions of the country such as the Andes, Center and West.

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