Five Most Interesting Electric Cars of 2019

2019 is coming fast and with it all the innovations that the automotive industry is getting ready to bring. Leading the way are a number of electronic cars that are bound to take the market by storm. In a year where a lot of groundbreaking innovations have been made in regards to self-driving cars and eco-friendly alternatives, probably the most anticipated innovations come in terms of electric cars. 

A lot of car manufacturers have already turned their attention to developing the best drivetrain than they absolutely can. Most of them have already realized that electric powered engines are the way of the future so they decided to upgrade their existing fleet of electronic cars or have decided to venture into the world of electric drivetrains and disregarded the old way. 

The year in front of us has some very unique offers to give us and here are the 5 most interesting electric cars coming in 2019.

Tesla Model 3

We start things off with probably the most anticipated entry on the list, the Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s dream project has turned into a nightmare at one point. There were a lot of unexpected production issues that delayed the vehicle and pushed its release back. But after they managed to go through all the rough patches and overcame all the lows, the Tesla Model 3 is finally well on its way.

 One of the main reasons for the car finally being finished is the competition. There are more EVs coming out this year than ever before and Tesla really had to finish this car. But by all means, it does not have to mean that this car was rushed in any sense.

Similarly to the Model X, The Tesla Model 3 is a car that is made for the masses even with it looking very sophisticated. What makes this new car exciting is that it is going to be able to muster up to 220 miles on one charge, and that is with a standard battery. Compared to the Model S, the car is a bit plump looking, but it is going to cost half the price. Additionally, the car will be packed with some new parts on the inside. So expect to see some added details that other cars in the segment do not have.

Honda Urban EV

Honda has had an idea for an EV model for a long time now. So it appears that the 2019 Honda Urban EV model is finally going to hit the streets. The idea dates all the way back to 2017 when an Urban EV concept was first shown. A bit later we were introduced to the Sports EV, which was also a concept. So, Honda actually went through two concept cars without releasing a production model. Things are changing for 2019 as they finally have something solid. Honda decided to take their two concept models and combine them together into one to make the Honda Urban EV which we will get to see in 2019.

What distinguishes the Honda EV model from all the other EVs on the market is its design. The Urban EV is going to boast a design that will greatly differ from any other EV on the market. It has an urban look, as its name suggests, but the vehicle which is going to be on the smallish side. Honda actually has a great idea here. They are following the concept that Tesla used as they made a unique look that became recognizable and connected to their brand. As things seem now, the Honda Urban EV might do just the same. Find out more about it here.

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E is slated to be the first full EV produced by Porsche. The idea behind this model actually was conceived back in 2016, when the concept for the vehicle was released. The concept for the Mission E was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show where it won an award for the concept of the year. This immediately brought a lot of attention to the car and interest from the fans emerged, not just for it being a first Porsche electric car, but because of its great design.

The person responsible for designing the interior did such a good job that he was immediately scooped up by the people from Tesla. The Mission E does not only draw breath based on its looks, but there are a lot of interesting things in regards to the powertrain that has to be taken into account. First, it will have a range of 310 miles on one charge. Secondly, it was also announced that it will hit the 0 to 60 mph mark in just 3.5, which is phenomenal for an EV. The Porsche Mission E will open new opportunities for the titular car maker and give the customers new options.

Aston Martin RapidE

The Aston Martin RapidE model is a car shrouded in the cover of mystery. Luckily, this shroud has been clearing in recent times and more information has finally emerged about this model. The RapidE is a model that emerged as part of a collaboration between Aston Martin and LeEco, which was further backed up by a Chinese group of investors which ultimately pushed the project to its completion. So after a period of lagging and not being able to do anything viable, they finally announced a model that will be released in the upcoming 2019.

There are still a lot of details that are missing about this project, but what we do know is that the Aston Martin RapidE is going to be an all-electric variant of the RapidE luxury Sedan. Another interesting fact is that this EV is going to be able to reach a 200 miles range mark with 800 horsepower to boot. Something that might back the buyers away is its price. As this is going to be a completely luxury model, its price is rumored to range anywhere between $200,000 and $250,000. But this is still up to debate more details will emerge as the release date gets closer.

Mini E

Now, this is a car that all enthusiasts will love hearing about. The Mini E is going to be released as a fully-fledged electric-powered model in 2019. What is interesting about this model is that the experimental version was initially made in 2009 for the purpose of testing. The test version was made as a limited edition and was not really made for mass production, but a lot of fans liked the look and enjoyed the concept.

After ten years, the Mini E is going to be released as a complete production-ready model. Since they have had such a long time to think about the model they managed to produce something exquisite which a lot of fans are going to enjoy. Compared to the experimental version, the design has been changed to appeal to the modern crowds. What is also exciting to hear is that they have taken the time to concentrate on developing their new battery technology. The Mini E is bound to be one of the more exciting prospects when it comes to the electric vehicle industry and all the cars coming out in 2019.

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