Fintech App Development Cost Including Advanced Features

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Fintech App Development?

If you are planning to start a FinTech business, then a professional advisor is one of the basic and important resources you should have to advise your customers. But having a professional advisor onboard costs a lot of money. If your business decides to outsource multiple business processes of the FinTech start-up, then it could end up costing less, but the cost will remain significant.

But if we talk about the Robo-advisor for the industry, Wealth-front will cost only around $500. The major benefit of integrating Robo-advisor is that it works with the highest accuracy rate and around the clock. Moreover, if you can build your own Robo-advisor for integrating into your FinTech app, it will be more cost-effective for you. Here at Nimble AppGenie, our developers can develop dedicated Robo-advisor for your FinTech app.

The cost of Fintech App Development Depends On:

  1. Mobile app platforms (iPhone or Android or both) you want to opt for
  2. Features and functionality you want to develop
  3. Number of integration you want to cover
  4. Hourly rates of app developers you are going to hire

Personalized User Experience

The Robo-advisers follow algorithms that read and analyses the various factors like customer’s needs and interest before providing any type of financial services. In this way, users are always served according to their needs. This feature of personalized user experience keeps your users engaged in the app and surely results in increased revenue and profits.

Set up and Forget it

After integrating Robo-advisers in your FinTech app, there is no need for any kind of user involvement later. Whereas if you are hiring a human advisor for your app and later training him with the latest market trends and business aspects, then you need to spend a monthly budget on them.

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