Fancy Restaurant

A large brick building with grass in front of a house
The other day, I decided to invite my girlfriend out for dinner. You know, I'm really in love with her, and I wanted to show her a really good time....perfect environment, perfect dinner, me... perfectly dressed.... Everything just had to be PERFECT!!!
During the week, leading up to our PERFECT evening together, I contacted an old friend for some advise, he had the knowledge in the local area.... he was a very good friend, and a few hours later, he texted me the adress of this wonderful restaurant, serving only perfect local dishes...
Full of excitement, and expectations, my girlfriend and I arrived......

There is only one thing that I can say....


Trust me, there will be revenge.....soon!!!
Anyway, we found somewhere else to get something to eat, and we had a perfect night anyway....Thank God that my girlfriend has a sense of humor!😂😂

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