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The concept of an All-in-One was first introduced by Gojek. Gojek is a multi-service application based in Indonesia that offers on-demand services. This application specialized in offering more than 30+ services at the same time with just one application. Such a useful application has attracted new entrepreneurs to invest in Gojek clone app development. Gojek Clone is the replica of the official application. These applications are made by a lot of app developers and app development companies. Before choosing one for you make sure you get it altered as per your business and customer’s requirements. 

Services that can be offered with All-In-One App

Ride-Hailing Services- Now offer Taxi, Motorcycle Ride, Car Rental service, motorbike rental service, with just one application.

Delivery Services- You can start your own delivery business or grow your business with this application. Now deliver food, courier, grocery, flower, etc. 

Other Services- Offer coaching, doctor consultation, maid, babysitter, plumber service directly to your customer as per their convenience.

Features of Gojek Clone App

GPS Tracking- Our application has a built-in GPS system that allows the user and admin to track the service executive.

Schedule Booking- Application provides convenience to the users by letting them schedule service as per their preferred timings.

Built-In Message system- You can integrate chat features within the application. This feature is handy and allows users to contact service providers directly.

Secured Payment Gateways- Application should have an integrated advance payment gateway that helps in secured processing of payments.

Rating and Review- Extremely important and useful. You can keep track of the rider’s ratings and reviews. By knowing your company's strengths and weaknesses you can establish an evergreen business.

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