Eric J. Dalius: An Innovative Entrepreneur

To reach the pinnacle of success, one needs to be enthusiastic about his work with good knowledge. Similarly, being enthusiastic about his work, Eric Dalius Innovation has reached to the zenith in his work. Through the love of innovation, he has become a master in marketer and a savvy in entrepreneurial decisions.

A perfectionist in his work, Eric Dalius graduated with a marketing degree from Penn University in 1992 and soon joined MCI Telecom. While working here, within just 2 years he was the leading sales representative in the entire country. After achieving a good amount of success here, he wanted to further move towards his next achievement.

Always in search of innovative ways to let his creativity out and explore his abilities, Eric Dalius started his own Telecommunications business, where he worked as a consultant selling phone cards, wireless services, and everything related. He then soon founded another company, Gas Up U.S.A., where he received great success with his exceptional business skills.

Eric then stepped into his real passion, Real Estate where he again touched heights. With this passion in him, in 2002, he founded CORE - Cash-Out Real Estate, which was formed on a membership basis. With his innovative thoughts, he traveled with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, to spread the word about his company to investors in large real estate markets.

Unfortunately, with the recession hit in 2008, his business had to close down, but it did not stop him to dream more. Eric Dalius is always determined to succeed and keeps on working towards attaining success. He is always packed with innovative ideas for new ventures and works every time with more enthusiasm to complete it.

Eric has always been aware of the importance of education in one’s life and the problems students face to achieve higher education in their life. With this thought in mind and adding innovation to it, he established, ‘Eric J. Dalius Foundation’ that was committed to providing scholarships to commendable students, who are not able to complete their higher education due to hefty college/ tuition fees. This scholarship helps these students to complete their higher education from accredited universities and fulfill their dreams of becoming a great entrepreneur, just like Eric Dalius Entrepreneur.

To apply for this scholarship, the student has to provide an essay of approximately 800 words, on the topic “The Benefits of an Angel Investor for Startups”. Then, the selected candidate will be provided with the scholarship amount of $1,000, notifying him/ her through email.

Eric Dalius, with his innovative thoughts and skills, has taken many businesses to great heights, and now he wants the coming generation to develop the entrepreneurial skills to change the world for a better place.

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Eric Dalius has reached the pinnacle of success as a master marketer and a savvy entrepreneur. How has he done this? Through his love of innovation. Eric J. Dalius is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to apply his many talents.

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Eric J Dalius
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Eric Dalius is a marketing professional with extensive experience, followed by a strong educational background. He has completed his bachelor's degree from Peen State University. In addition to his career in marketing.

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