Eric Dalius and a Glimpse of His Journey

Every big business begins with an idea, and every social cause starts with an intention to help. Possessing both, Eric Dalius has turned himself into a successful entrepreneur and a generous philanthropist. Let’s have a glimpse of his journey!

Eric Dalius began all of it after completing his education at Penn State University. After graduating, he did not waste any moment dilly-dallying. He started working with MIC Telecom, and within two years, he became a leading sales representative in the entire nation.

After reaching the heights of success over there, he aimed to find a way towards the next venture. He was looking for greater freedom along with a new outlet to showcase his creativity. In mid-1964, he established his business and began offering his services as a telecommunications consultant.

Due to the continuous efforts, Eric’s enterprise began taking off, and he started devoting more hours towards his initiative. Throughout this time, he ensured to dedicate every minute towards the growth of the enterprise. It is because of his efforts and principles that he attained all of that. Despite reaching the pinnacle of success, Eric decided to give a new direction to his goals.

In 2002, he started with a membership-based company named CORE, Cash Out real Estate. For this, he made use of an AAA model and generated more than 10 million in sales. He specialized in investing in real estate and refinancing in the properties. In one entire year, he had almost 50 properties for himself.

Dalius touched the heights of success after building a career in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. He has semi-retired now and prefers to invest his immense energy into philanthropy.

Initially, he started by funding several scholarships and giving commitments with personal gifts. However, later he came up with Eric J Dalius Foundation and started facilitating long-term funding for his activities.

He is aware of the role of education and also how lack of finances hinders the senior education for many diligent students. Seeing this, he offers financial aid to students with his foundation. After all, the action that youth takes today helps to decide the nation\\\'s tomorrow.

Just like the inventiveness in his idea, Eric Dalius has chosen a different method to select the deserving students. He intends to learn the thought process of the students. For this, he asks them to pen down their thoughts on the Benefits of an Angel Investor. The word limit for this remains around 800 words. He offers this EJ Dalius Scholarship twice a year.

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Eric Dalius has reached the pinnacle of success as a master marketer and a savvy entrepreneur. How has he done this? Through his love of innovation. Eric J. Dalius is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to apply his many talents.

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Eric J Dalius
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Eric Dalius is a marketing professional with extensive experience, followed by a strong educational background. He has completed his bachelor's degree from Peen State University. In addition to his career in marketing.

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