Enjoy The Wonders Of Makeup Sponge!

If you’re still using brushes or tips of your fingers for the application of makeup products, then it’s time to think differently and try different. No matter if you’ve just started using the makeup products or you’re a makeup enthusiast for a long time, finding the right makeup sponge by taking recommendations from the makeup sponge suppliers is a must. This beauty tool is dependable enough to help you apply foundation in the easiest possible way. Since makeup sponges are made with only high-quality and exclusive materials, they can accommodate well with any kind of makeup product.

A step-by-step guide of using a makeup sponge

Wet it – Run your high-quality sponge under the faucet and then squeeze it properly to saturate it with water. It gets wet enough once it starts doubling in size.

Squeeze it – Please ensure to squeeze the extra water so your makeup products are prevented from being diluted. However, if you want to play an extra-safe game, please squeeze it in the towel.

Application – Apply a drop of your product onto the back of your hand. Then dip your makeup sponge into the makeup.

Stipple – Rather than dragging and smearing the sponge throughout your face, dab it gently into your skin in a consistent bounce-like motion. Pick up more product if needed and then continue the motion. This will result in a smooth and even application of products. Use the broader side of the sponge for full coverage. However, use the pointed end of the sponge for hard-to-reach areas like near nose, under-eyes, etc.

Smooth – Once you’re satisfied with the coverage, just use and tap-tap the sponge to make sure everything is blended properly and you end up at getting a dewy-finish.

Wash it – The minute you’re done with the application of makeup, wash that sponge until the water runs clear and let it dry.

Since makeup sponges work exceedingly well in a damp state, storage is super-important to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria. Always make sure to store it in a cool and dry place with plenty of airflows.

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