Enjoy Impeccable BASE Jump and Skydiving Jump Experience With Professional Tandem Instructor

Tandem BASE is the world’s first trustworthy place in the world where you can make a confident BASE jump only at $399 to experience the luxury memory that will last a lifetime with the highly trained and successful BASE jump instructor all around the world. The first Tandem BASE-Jump occurred on March 20, 1983 off of West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia by Timothy Cousins and the second in 1984 by Ted Strong from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.  The years since have been sprinkled with Tandem BASE-Jumps being made worldwide from various objects, rendering the viability. Simultaneously, the Magic Valley has become an undeniably progressively famous BASE goal, as the Perrine Bridge has the lucky convergence of good elevation, large landing area, easy access, and an encouraging network.

Tandem BASE is a top-notch place to experience your First Parachute Jump & Tandem Skydiving Jump with proper footwear (athletic shoes or hiking boots) and helmets around the world. Sean Chuma, owner of Tandem BASE, has an unmatched safety track record of over 6400 BASE Jumps and 3,000 skydives, and is definitely, the most experienced, commercial tandem base coach in the world.  Sean operates a world-famous base jumping school, called I-D BASE at the famous Perrine Bridge in Idaho, that also teaches experienced BASE Jump Parachute and skydivers how to BASE jump safely and securely. If you want to first BASE Jumping Experience with professionally experienced base jumping instructor, make your reservation online at Tandem BASE.

Tandem BASE Jumping is a custom-designed set of equipment that includes the Huck-It. TandemBASE coaches start as the sport's most noteworthy jumpers. Teachers are then required to finish composed and practical guidance and testing on TandemBASE Standard Operating Procedures before being proved as TandemBASE Instructors. If you are thinking to give an amazing surprise to your loved one, family member and friend to enjoy luxury and extraordinary experience as well as make unforgettable memories, we have an affordable gift card for the best experience of Extreme Sports BASE Jumping. If you have the courage to experience the thrill of parachuting from Idaho’s biggest bridge, your search ends here. Feel free to visit us at www.tandembase.com!!

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