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Your essay is complemented by the necessary introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. However, before you prepare to write an essay, there are a few more things to consider and what needs to be done to make sure that it is ready.

Review each letter

Look at the order of your paragraphs to make sure they follow the logical order and that there is flow to the body. Review each paragraph and sentence and determine which are strong and which are weak. You might want to reorder so that the first paragraph is the strongest and the next the very last, with the weakest paragraphs in the middle. However, make sure that it still makes sense and follows the correct order of thinking.

Review the assignment instructions again to make sure that you completed the essay correctly and covered with the right topic. Also check an essay map and review main points of your article. Also pay attention to any formatting instructions that have been given.

Be sure that this points are done: 

The fields are correct. 
You used the correct font and font size. 
Did you complete the header correctly, including formatting? 
Have you entered your name, date, class, etc. on paper correctly, as requested? 
Check if the paper should be single or double spaced. 
Review the entire article again and check your letter.

Lookthrough the entire article and do the required changes if needed. You want to read and reread the essay at least three times. If you can, let someone else read your essay. Make sure it makes sense and flows. Make sure you add transition words, such as, for example, therefore, for example, in conclusion, on the other hand, or keep in mind to name a few. They are very useful at thebeginning of paragraphs to put each paragraph together.

Also use spelling and grammar checking. You still want to read and re-read the essay, however it helps to identify at least some errors that the essay may have.

Once you have completed these final touches, your essay is ready to print and submit!

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