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Another problem is the need to ensure the validity of electronic documents. But the farther, the more often this problem can be solved as a normal organizational and technical task. Due to the fact that the law has finally been passed regulating the use of electronic digital signatures that can be done with https://mystampready.com/en/constructor/ , it became possible to give electronic documents legal status. Undoubtedly, some time will pass before the electronic signature will be widely used in the exchange of documents between organizations. But nothing prevents the rapid implementation of EDS, and, accordingly, electronic documents within organizations.
(In fact, the concept of an electronic signature as an analogue of a conventional signature already existed in the legislation. This situation allowed the use of an electronic signature provided that an agreement was signed between the parties)
If certain potential legal conflicts nevertheless cause concern, you can go along a compromise path. Electronic documents that have legal consequences can be accompanied by paper copies with a “real signature”. It should be understood that the goal is not to eradicate paper documents, but to create an effective environment for the management and functioning of the organization. In addition, it will be necessary to print only the final products of the work — specific, fully prepared paper documents and only in one “title” copy, which will still lead to a significant reduction in the volume of paper documents.

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