Education After School Programs (SEOAS)

The goal of special education after school programs is to educate students with disabilities while preparing them for kindergarten. Many parents consider special education when their child has a disability that limits his or her performance in regular classes. Parents who feel that their child's learning abilities need more focus or are lagging behind in regular classes may seek the assistance of a special education teacher or counselor. These professionals are available to instruct and advise parents on various special education after school programs. Several types of special education after school programs exist. In order for parents to understand the nature and needs of their child, they should consider the following special education after school programs:

Early Intervention Special education after school programs for children who need help developing academic skills are often referred to as early intervention. These programs allow special education students to work alongside their peers in a structured environment that empowers the child. This environment allows the child to develop skills and to work with his or her peers to overcome barriers to achievement. This type of program allows students with special needs to receive one on one instruction, to be assisted in the development of academic and behavioral skills, and to participate in group projects that benefit the school district and students. In the early intervention special education after school programs teach students social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills that prepare them for kindergarten.

Summer Reading Special education summer reading programs are designed to help special education students strengthen their reading comprehension skills and to improve their ability to process information. Students learn to read by being exposed to various texts throughout the year. However, due to the complex nature of special education summer reading programs, some students do not retain the information that they have absorbed over the course of the school year. During the summer, teachers encourage these special education students to read a wide variety of texts out loud, to identify patterns, and to perform logical analysis. Through the use of questions, activities, and assessments, special education summer reading programs teach students how to increase their knowledge, acquire new skills, and reinforce weak areas of learning.

Special Education After School Programs (SEOAS) target students who are at risk of special education services because of their disabilities or conditions. These students may need special training and education services in order to meet the special needs of their academic and behavioral needs. Many of these students are at high risk because of their disabilities. These students often have a difficult time participating in regular school activities. With the assistance of a professional occupational therapist (OAT), special education after school programs can be implemented to provide these students with the resources that they need to gain the skills and abilities they need to perform at their highest levels in school.

Special Education After School counselors are primarily concerned with providing students with the special education services necessary to teach them to understand and overcome the many obstacles to achieving their potential. Counselors educate these students on the strengths and weaknesses of their academic and behavioral skills, as well as the academic and behavioral issues that lead to their disabilities. Some counselors develop career plans for these students. This career planning is geared towards helping these students prepare for college, employment, and community integration. In addition, these counselors help to prepare students for career testing, such as the GED test or the SSAT test.

These services are provided by a variety of professional organizations such as the American Association of Special Education Centers (AASEC) and the Special Education Academic Network (SENC). The Special Education Afterschool (SEAC) and the Special Education Outreach Training (STET) programs are also among the most popular special education after school programs in the country. These organizations provide resources and services to help children with special needs achieve their full potential. With their wide range of resources, they are able to provide a comprehensive set of services to parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals who work with these special children.

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