EdgarsArt Proessional Artist Joining Mamby Hello:)

Hello everyone:)

I will take a moment and Introduce myself: My name is Edgars. 25years old : Artist. Illustrator. Mostly i use Charcaol. Dark, White. I also do human portraits. I do a lot of illustrations, tattoo designs, car designs etc.

I loved art,and particularly drawing since i was a child, Now this is more than a hobby to me, its a lifestyle.Its how to get past sadness, happiness, and make others smile when they see my art, or just to think.
I am planning on upcoming exhibitions in the near future.
Also from time to time i make tutorial videos on YouTube, so that others can learn to draw too
I run a Youtube channel with over 32 THOUSAND subscribers and now I am thinking of taking my content to mamby too:)

I checked all info i could get about crypto based social platforms and I choose Mamby to join:)
I hope to get to know you all here since I do not really know anything right now:)

My other social links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edgarscreative/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/edgars.bumeisters.1
TikTok- EdgarsArt

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My name is Edgars. I am a professonal artist/Illustrator Youtube-How To Draw Videos 32 Thousand Subscribers

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