Dropping a Mast On a Catalina 27 Sailboat.

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Summary of Tips and Ideas for Dropping a Catalina 27 Mast

Remove the boom including the gooseneck slide – With all the sails removed unshackle the topping lift and detach the boom gooseneck fitting from the mast. 

Secure jib halyard, topping lift and main halyard to mast – If all your lines run back to the cockpit remove each line separately from any blocks and secure to the lowest mast cleat you have or clip each to a line that is run around the mast and is jammed into a low cleat or winch. 

Loosen turnbuckles and power lines – Loosen shroud turnbuckles and remove cotter pins but do not remove the clevis pins from the chain plate until the mast is secured with a lift line.  

Secure lift line – If you’re using a crane or gin pole, wrap the lift line around your mast. Raise the line until the loop is tucked just under the spreaders.  

The uplifting moment of truth – Once the lift line is snug and secure around your mast loosen and gently remove the forestay or your furling drum. At the same time remove the backstay and all the shrouds. Walk all the rigging to the mast and bungee the mess around the mast.  

Walk it back – Gently walk the bottom of the mast to your stern and place on the 2×4 you mounted on the pulpit.  

Dress it up – Use zip ties to secure the rigging about every two feet along the mast. Make sure nothing is hanging off the sides or drooping into the cockpit.  

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