Drawstring bags loved by "grannies" appeared on the fashion runway

Although the fashion circle has always had a drawstring design, it has been tepid in previous years. This year, this design has not only been selected by niche brands, but has also been "flopped" by big names one after another.

In the Fendi 2020 autumn and winter show, a handbag shaped like a shopping bag is very eye-catching. Recently, the handbag was officially on sale, and once again attracted people's attention with its "soft" shape.

"Packaging" is the name of this handbag. It was inspired by a bag with a drawstring. It first appeared in the Fendi 2020 autumn and winter men's fashion show, and then appeared in the women's collection. Both the brand and the designer have a preference for Packaging. There are plus.

There are three colors in the Packaging series, which are the iconic Fendi yellow, the simple and elegant ivory white, and the elegant powder with great texture. The cloud-like soft material and drawstring design are both fashionable and practical.

In addition to Fendi, another fashion brand Avsic also launched a handbag with drawstring.

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