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This inspired me to post and write about life is not always fair. We each have to find our way and to find that one thing we are all looking for which is happiness to be liked and loved by others but how far must one go to be accepted.

As 2017 was a year for me that God tested my faith had 3 deaths in my family first my mother killed in a automobile accident August 2017, then my husband died at 54 years old in November 2017 he was Asthmatic had a Asthma attack, then my aunt died December 2017. I was not prepared for the many challenges I had to face life as I known it was gone. There were days, weeks, months, I cant recall what I said or did I was in a fog. I came to realize when a spouse dies it changes you forever because I had to mourne my past, present, and future. 

As I realized I was living a version of my life I didn't choose it was hard me getting out of bed fighting with all my strength to find joy sometimes, for me I had to choose peace rather than despair and depending on Jesus for that next breathe. Jesus is not accepted part of life today not socially accepted but, I know he is the only reason I am still alive. He is my strong tower.

I had to learn to find out who I am and what I wanted to be and not who or what others thought I should be. The key to happiness I found is finding my identity and loving myself and with Gods guided hand the right people came into my life at the right moment when I needed them. Be yourself and dig deep to who you are meant to be not to please others but, to make yourself happy 

I took that leap of faith trusted in GOD and have a great circle of friends and stay away from negativity or other people's drama. Be yourself comfortable in your own skin with that Magic and shine like a new penny.

I can say in a good place now and found peace and love again and time does heal.

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