Distinctive Rapido Clone Features That Shape An Exceptional Bike Taxi App

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Cost-effectiveness is one significant factor that is propelling the growth of bike taxi apps. Besides, there are numerous other factors like reduced traffic and time to reach destinations. With the bike taxi app market forecasting exponential growth, entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to invest in this flourishing sector. 

If you’re among those aspiring entrepreneurs, you need to be wary of the fact that your app needs to be unique to create an impact on the audience. In this blog, let’s discuss cutting-edge features worth-considering in your Rapido clone script

  • In-app chat/call: There has to be a streamlined communication flow throughout the bike taxi app. With this in-app chat/call feature, riders and drivers can contact each other in a flash. 

  • Web & SMS booking: To cater to a wide range of audiences, go the extra mile of enabling customers to book rides either via the web or through SMS facilities. 

  • Introducing ride passes: Ride passes are a great customer retention technique that lets passengers avail ride passes on a weekly/monthly basis at discounted prices. 

  • Responsive support: Having a 24x7 support team is crucial to resolve passenger queries. This way, passengers can reach out to the support team on any given day/time, gaining their trustworthiness. 

  • Multi-lingual support: Any community is made up of passengers from different cultures and demographics. Ensuring that these users access your Rapido clone app in the language of their choice is crucial in establishing a global presence. 

  • In-app wallet: Similar to ride passes, e-wallets can pave the way for extensive customer retention. By integrating a wallet feature in your Rapido clone, passengers can pay for their rides without any hassle. 


These are specific features that can make your bike taxi app like Rapido stand apart. Do not forget to integrate these state-of-the-art Rapido clone features during app development. By doing so, you can have a competitive advantage over your rivals. 

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