There is a never-ending way to becoming successfully rich. I know you are probably saying, "yea right". The truth is, many don't know it, because they have not yet tapped into their potential. Let me ask you, what is your gift? What talent do you have that is unique? This is something that you can do with ease, without much thought. You know it, and people around you know it too. The reason why they haven't told you the secret that lies within your gift, is because they have not discovered their own calling.

You see, the God given gift that you have was given as a benefit for the kingdom of God, yourself and His people. For example, a person could be poor. But, that person may be the greatest cook in their community. Many times, people know. Why? Because, folk love to eat. It's not what the person cook. It's based upon trust. Do the people you associate with trust you? Based upon fact that this person is a good cook, will bring in customers. They will even try new recipes, or perhaps ask that cook, "Can I pay you to cook this for me the way I like it?". Absolutely, I've seen it done before. That person's gift is what he or she will be good at. Because, it comes natural. I'm not talking about a person who went to school to become a cook. I'm talking about someone who was chosen at birth by God, and are exceptional.

People don't utilize or use what they were born to be many times. They often do what they feel makes them look good, not knowing that every good and perfect gift comes from God. You may say, "well I don't have a support system". The reason why is because people think that social media and online marketing is the way. The bottom line to becoming financially successful, is by spreading the news in your community, about who you are.

Second, lets say you have a gift to cut grass and do landscaping. The thing to do is order a batch of 500 business cards for $5. Visit your local community, stores, churches, parks, golf courses, game events, etc. Just give people your business card. They will take it. Say, "Sir/Madam, I've started my own little business. I cut grass. If you ever need my services or know of someone else, I'm the person you need to call." Then thank them for their time, and keep it moving.

Once you accumulate business, then you take it to social media or online. The old way have always worked. It is the very foundation of most billionaires and millionaires, in the world today. Many often talk about their small humble beginnings.

When you do what you know to do, it's not hard. When you do what God chose you to do, your way will be made and you will accomplish your goal. Never underestimate or doubt your own abilities. To do so, would demeanor the one who brought you here.

What you need to do right now is write down all of your gifts and talents. Then choose the most loved and most frequently used. When you do, I say - Welcome! You already know what to do!!

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