Different Types Of Marketing

Do you have any idea about marketing and its different types? If no, do not worry, today in this article, I wish to explain to you about what is marketing and its different types. 

Before going deeper into the ocean of marketing it is important to know about, what is marketing? Marketing is the process of making the promotion of business products or services, it includes even marketing research and advertisement.

Now let us study the different types of marketing.

  • Affiliate Marketing

It is the marketing of products or services by the third party. In affiliate marketing, the revenue can be generated based on performance. We can find many of the companies which provide this provision and the person can earn revenue or commission based on the sales. 

When a person chooses an affiliate program a link will be given to him/her and it will be shared extensively on various channels like Facebook, Instagram and others, whoever buys the product through this link then the commission will be credited to the person who is authorized to the link.

There are different companies which offer an affiliate program, some of them are listed below.

  • eBay Partner Network

  • Jet

  • Amazon Associates

  • Gearbest

  • GoDaddy

  • HostGator

  • ShareASale   

  • Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is all about marketing the name of the company and creating brand awareness is the primary step to make the business successful. Brand marketing is like creating a bridge between the customer and business, it helps to know about the business and its products or services.

Many of the companies spend an enormous amount of money on brand marketing. If there is no brand marketing of the business then it is very difficult to get the customers. Brand marketing can be done in various forms like billboards, newspaper ads, social media ads.
  • B2B Marketing

It is the business to business marketing, as the name implies marketing is done within the business. This B2B scenario comes into the picture when one company markets its products or services to another company and in this marketing, they target a company or business rather than targeting the customer.

I wish to explain this with the help of example like if there is any pharmaceutical company obviously they are dependent on doctors to sell their medicines but here in B2B marketing the medicine companies are dependant on third parties to sell the medicines.

Presently, even B2B marketing is a popular form of marketing and based on their sales and customer demand, the company purchases the products from different companies.

  • B2C Marketing

It is the business to consumer marketing, do not confuse with B2B and B2C marketing. Here the company sells the products to the customers via wholesalers or retailers. whatever we buy from the grocery store or street vendors all these comes under the category of B2C marketing. 

Here in B2C marketing a lot of money will be invested for the advertisement purpose and to attract the customer's different strategies will be used like giving target to the wholesalers to sell the products if they reach the target then some kind of gifts or compensation will be given.
  • Celebrity Marketing

As the name suggests it is the kind of marketing where popular personalities are utilized for the purpose of increasing brand awareness or to increase the revenue of the business. Now currently, celebrity marketing is done by many of the companies to increase their reputation. 

This kind of marketing can be done only by the companies which are economically stable, it is not possible for the local companies to afford celebrity marketing. This marketing strategy will have large impact on the general folks and the followers of the celebrity.

This marketing utilizes film actor, actress, sportsman and noted personalities. I would like to mention some celebrity's name and their endorsed brand. 

  • Aamir Khan - Samsung Mobiles, Tata Sky, Coca Cola, Titan Watches, Snapdeal etc. 

  • Shah Rukh Khan Aamir Khan -  Airtel, Videocon, Emami, Hyundai, Pepsodent, Dish TV etc.

  • Salman Khan - Wheel, Suzuki Motorcycles, Yatra.com, etc.

  • Amitabh Bachchan - Parker Pens, Dabur, Dairy Milk, Boroplus, ICICI, Kalyan Jewellers, Gujarat Tourism, Navratna Oil, Maggi etc. 

Many times we have seen the advertisements of celebrities like consuming cold drinks, using perfumes and many more, that really impacts on their followers.
  • Direct Marketing

This is a traditional form of marketing and there are no retailers in this scenario and the products or services are directly sold to the consumers. Even today many of the companies are involved in direct marketing to have major impact on the users like credit card companies and many of the retailers.

In direct marketing call to action, the technique will be used, many times we have noticed ads with the toll-free number which says call now for more information, the unknow calls which give information about the products or services, telemarketing all these comes under the category of direct marketing.
  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is an undeniable part of marketing strategies and it is useful in creating brand awareness of the business, generating traffic to the website. Here the electronic mail is used as a medium of communication, with the help of this strategy the business can reach the targetted audience.  

It is used as an effective tool to market the products or services of the business and it is used by many of the large companies. Every day our mail inbox will be flooded with unwanted mails like related to medicine, bank accounts, car loans, colleges all these are email marketing strategies.
  • E-commerce Marketing

This is a type of marketing that runs online and every day the online buyers are increasing rapidly. The examples of this kind of marketing are Amazon, Flipcart and many more, it has become a trend to order online and e-commerce marketing is the booming industry in the world.

The online community is growing every day, so, it is important to make the products or services available even in all the e-commerce platforms. The popular e-commerce platforms are listed below.
  • Taobao 

  • Walmart 

  • eBay 

  • Alibaba 

  • Overstock 

  • Facebook Marketing

As the name indicates, that for the purpose of marketing the facebook channel is used. Facebook is the giant of social media which has become a platform for developing brand awareness, posting offers about the products. Facebook has become a tool to increase the revenue of the business.

We all know that Facebook will be used to like, share and comment on the posts. The activities that the common folk does is to send the friend request, accept the friend request and other activities.

But Facebook is something which is beyond all these. This social media platform is used for both commercial and non-commercial. The general public uses this as a non-commercial and for entertainment purposes, but the big business companies use this platform as a commercial purpose. 

Facebook is connecting the world and making simple to communicate with others and it is useful in knowing the pulse of the customers. Facebook is one of the gateways to getting global recognition for the business.


Marketing is the broad concept, in this article, I have discussed some important forms of marketing and I hope this article has helped you a lot. Please, share your review of this article.

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