Developing an outstanding e-commerce app using Amazon-clone script

E-commerce is one of the largest profit yielding sectors. Retail commerce sales are expected to reach $4.13 trillion in 2020. Linking your traditional business to an e-commerce app or developing e-commerce for your business is a smart way to take your business to the next level at this time. Amazon is the ruler of the e-commerce business. Amazon has an efficient mobile application, website, and tie-ups with multiple entrepreneurs. As of 2019, Amazon earned a global revenue of $28052 crores. Developing an e-commerce app for your business using an Amazon clone app is an outstanding idea because of its recognition. In developing a clone app, the amazon clone script is vital and should be intact. 

Few basic vital features that are essential are 

Features of the admin panel 1) Comprehensive Dashboard: A useful dashboard to monitor the business. The panel needs to be user-friendly. The admin can track the number of orders, sales analytics, payment process, tracking of the orders, push notifications, stock management, customer reviews, and much more from a single platform.

2)Stock management: Vendor management and multi-store link-up can be done easily. The admin can link up with more stores based on the location where the sales are high. The admin can also monitor the vendor’s update of products and can push notifications to them. 

Features of the user panel1)The user app or panel has features like login, profile setup, browsing different products, adding to wishlist, adding to cart, checkout, and payment options. The customers can also track their order using geolocation tracking.

2)The customers are also given discount offers and coupons now and then. They can give ratings, feedback, and are also given extensive customer support.

Features of the vendor panel1)The vendors can create their profile and add all the information and pictures of the products they want to sell.

2)They can also cross-promote their products depending on user analytics. 

The vendor commission and compensations are all updated on the app. 

Developing an e-commerce app at this time is an outstanding idea, and the ability to serve the customer’s needs systematically can increase the ROI. 

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