Dessert Day In Dessert Month

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When do you think Dessert Month is?

It is October.

When do you think Dessert Day is?

Dessert Day is October 14th.

October Is National Dessert Month

National Dessert Day Is October 14th  

Dessert Day In Dessert Month On GiftsNDays

Zazzle has pillows for sale that look like pizza, fruit, pies, cookies & donuts. The photograph of a pizza, fruit or pie is put on a round pillow so it looks like the pizza, fruit or pie. This post has a jelly filled cookie pillow that looks like it is a jelly filled cookie and a pumpkin pie pillow that looks like a pumpkin pie. It is fun to shop on Zazzle because of those products and you can add names, images and text to create personalized gifts. 

I blog about holidays so I am interested in holiday items on Zazzle like greeting cards, t-shirts and holiday oriented gifts. This is about a Dessert Day in Dessert Month post on GiftsNDays. 

This Dessert Day post has links to jelly filled cookie pillows, pumpkin pie pillows, National Dessert Day on holiday websites, National Dessert Day Freebies, Deals & Discounts, sites that have holiday activities for kids, gifts on Zazzle and sweet gift baskets.

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