Demand of Shelf Liner to Remain High During 2020 to 2030: Fact.MR Study

The Shelf Liner market is slated to grow at a 5% value CAGR over the assessment period, 2020-2030. The growth can be mainly attributed to the growing demand from catering, restaurants, and hotels industry, commercial and residential sector; laboratories, corporate offices, educational institutions and various other end-use sectors.
"Increasing awareness concerning easy availability and cleanliness of shelf liners via online channels have complemented the demand for shelf liners in the approaching years." says the Fact.MR report.
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Shelf Liner Market - Key Takeaways
  • North America Shelf Liner industry will remain lucrative throughout the forecast period, trailed by Europe.
  • Plastics category is anticipated to account for about 30% of the overall market share.
  • Residential end use will account for around 32% of the overall market share as they are utilized to preserve materials.
  • The meshed type segment is anticipated to foresee a twofold growth in the global market.
Shelf Liner Market - Driving Factors
  • Growing demand for shelf liners for domestic requirements as well as corporate houses will complement the market growth.
  • Rising need for shelf liners in laboratories are assisting in the market expansion.
  • Placing a shelf liner preserves the shelf for a long time and limits the overall cleaning cost thus driving the global market.
Shelf Liner Market - Constraints
  • Shelf liners usually leave gum-marks on the surface while changing them, this can hinder the market growth over the forecast period.
  • Shelf liners made from low quality material affects its sturdiness and stability, thus impacts the market growth negatively.
Anticipated Market Impact by COVID-19 Outbreak
The COVID-19 outbreak had a positive impact on the sales of the shelf liners. While, on the onset of crisis sales were low, the market witnessed a growth amid the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2020. Rising awareness of cleanliness attributed to the pandemic has boosted demand for cleaning material all over the world. Residue remnants pose a key threat regarding the COVID-19spread. Convenient cleaning and shelf liners replacement is boosting the usage of such materials, and increasing sales of shelf liner.
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Competition Landscape
Key market players operating in the global shelf liner market are Konrad Hornschuch AG, Shurtape Technologies LLC, Kittrich Corporation, Pro-Mart Industries Inc., Seville Classics Inc, Warp Bros, Youcopia Products Inc, Macbeth Collection, Hills Point Industries LLC, and Drymate (RPM Inc.).
More on the Report
The Fact.MR's market research report provides in-depth insights into the Shelf Liner market. The market is scrutinized based on type (meshed and smooth), material (plastic, rubber, paper, fabric, and aluminum), adhesion (self-adhesive and non-adhesive), end use (hotels, restaurants and catering (HoReCa), residential, corporate offices, laboratories, education institutions, and others), and sales channels (direct procurement, supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialty stores, convenience stores, utensil stores, and others), across five major regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA)).
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