Deleting Messages from WhatsApp

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You want to delete messages from WhatsApp and you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, can help you. Who else, anyone, has found themselves in a situation where they need to delete WhatsApp messages that they have regretted or sent in error: untimely declarations of love, unexpected confessions, or even some personal picture that perhaps should never have left our phone.

If this is you, don't panic! There's still time to fix the problem. Deleting sent messages from WhatsApp is a right you can exercise, so you have the option to delete messages from WhatsApp for all participants in a conversation, not just yourself. This is a simple process that you can do without any problems, as long as it has not been more than an hour since you sent your messages. Let us show you how to do it.

Deleting Messages from WhatsApp

If you don't know how to delete messages from WhatsApp, follow our step-by-step tutorial and you'll get it right. To permanently delete messages from WhatsApp, the steps you need to take are

Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Go to the chat room where the messages you want to delete are located.

Press and hold the first message you want to delete until it is highlighted. If you want to delete more than one message, continue to press the rest of the messages until you have selected them all.
When you have selected all of the messages, click the Delete option on the top bar of the WhatsApp. You will see a trash can icon.

Within the Delete option, select the Delete for everyone option. This will permanently delete the message for all participants in the conversation.
That's it! The deleted messages are now no longer visible on all phones that this chat was on, and have also been deleted from the WhatsApp servers. They are nowhere to be found.

Deletion Log

Please note that when deleting WhatsApp messages from another phone, a tick will still appear in the chat to indicate that there was a message that was deleted. The message will not be readable, but it will still say that there was a message there. This option is a security feature of WhatsApp to prevent manipulation of conversations later. If this option does not exist, then after having a conversation on WhatsApp, deleting specific messages could imply that a person has said something they did not mean, for example if you deleted all the messages between a recent question and a previous question with different content. The deletion statement allows anyone to be aware that a number of messages in a particular chat have been deleted, thus preventing possible misunderstandings or manipulations.

Privacy and caution

Currently, our chat conversations are always recorded on multiple devices, putting our privacy at great risk. This is why it is necessary to maintain a series of precautionary measures whenever we communicate through a chat. The most essential one is obvious: never share critical data in a chat. Information such as credit card digits, passwords, personal addresses or ID or Social Security numbers should always be kept out of chats to avoid possible leaks.

Encryption and security

Other security measures include the protection offered by encryption systems such as VPNs. Using a VPN will encrypt all the information coming in and out of your devices, so only you and the person you are talking to can access what you have said. A crack in your operating system or a backdoor in your router may allow third parties to access your connection and keep track of all the information you send or receive, but if this information is heavily encrypted it will be impossible for them to decrypt it. If you often use chat for personal or work purposes, a VPN is an extra security measure that can save you more than one annoyance.

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