Curating an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for ICO

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As the world becomes more digitized, it is better to adapt to the changing times than be completely left behind. The challenge in ICO marketing lies in mixing a variety of tools across different channels.

Some of the Factors to Consider When Preparing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Undertaking research - Understand who your target audience will be and focus on their interests, likes, and dislikes. Have a look at the channels that you can use and analyze the strengths of your team before deciding the message you want to convey and gauging the response.
Focussed efforts on each channel - Ensure that you concentrate on improving the engagement of different channels such as your website, blog page, social media handles, newsletters, and presence on discussion forums. Since they are all touchpoints of communication with your prospective audience, strategize and implement a detailed content plan.

Creation of content - You can entirely outsource this part but who knows better about your business than yourself. Deliver an exciting value proposition for your target market. Speak your heart out at well-attended events and conferences, maintain a healthy relationship with the media, and develop content in a variety of multimedia formats. Be active on platforms where the crypto world has a significant presence.

Determine your budget - Since a positive buzz has to be created in a very short amount of time owing to the intense competition, use both free and paid tools for optimizing your campaigns. Hire a marketing expert for quick growth.


With the big technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter restricting the advertising of cryptocurrencies and blockchain marketing campaigns, the days to come are bound to get harder due to the shrinking avenues for effective communication. Hence, prepare a flexible well-rounded strategy and get the help of well-known advisors to reap huge success.

Build a strong personal rapport with your investors once your site is ready to launch in the market. Hire a reliable end-to-end ICO development agency such as Blockchain App Factory for getting more traction at an affordable cost soon.

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