Criminal Minds

Created by Jeff Davis and produced by The Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS Studios, “Criminal Minds” is an American police procedural crime television series featuring Thomas Gibson, Mathew Gray, AJ. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Shemar Moore. The decade old, crime series is set at the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit (BAU) with its base in Quantico, Virginia. Interestingly, the show’s primary focus consists in profiling criminals commonly known as unsub, which is contrary to the crime itself. It makes this series outstanding and different from the majority of procedural dramas. Even though crime is never entertaining, “Criminal Minds” is a show that everyone should watch considering its clear and focused plot, understandable content, and also extremely talented actors who always act as a family .

Significantly, the plot inspires many people to attend and watch this television series. In relation to its plot, “Criminal Minds” is focused on elite FBI profilers working together on cases, exploring personal lives of characters thus exposing their hardened lives as well as mandatory requirements of the profilers. It is interesting to watch how the profilers analyze the most complicated criminal minds in the country while anticipating their next step before striking. David Rossi for instance assists the behavioral unit, led by Aaron Hotchner to gain people’s trust in order to unlock their secrets later, which is necessary to the investigations. Coupled with comic, it is amusing to observe Dr. Spencer’s behavior. The reason is, his intellectual IQ contrasts with his social IQ and, as a result, he proves to be a classical misunderstood genius. Furthermore, suspense is always a part of each episode as there is always a new case which profilers tackle, hence they have to solve new emerging twists .

Apart from the plot, content of “Criminal Minds” is strong and real because many episodes relate to the real crimes. With the mention of infamous criminals, for example Charles Manson, Zodiac killer, and Jack the Ripper, the show offers you in-depth knowledge about past serial crimes and how they were handled. Therefore, in addition to entertainment, “Criminal Minds” is not just a show to ignore because it is informative, it stimulates a viewer to know more about high-caliber crimes in the country and how they were handled by the FBI. The behavioral profiling that leads to imprisoning of the criminals is something definitely worth watching since the talented actors use their personal experience as they pinpoint criminals’ motivations, and then identify their emotional triggers in order to stop them. Generally, such creativity coupled with reality is rarely found in other shows apart from “Criminal Minds”.

This show features exceedingly talented actors, which is another reason to watch “Criminal Minds”. Despite their divergent personalities, the characters chemistry on stage is just amazing as they always interact on stage, cracking jokes more than often, and ready to attend to each other. Moreover, actors’ commitment to work is so inspiring, even despite the fact it sometimes influences relationships in their families. For instance, Shemar Moore has won a number of awards, among them there is a 2016 Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series. Moreover, the show has been nominated a number of times including the Favorite TV Crime Drama category by the People’s Choice Awards 2016 and many more (Criminal Minds - Awards). With such high profile actors, watching “Criminal Minds” offers you not just entertainment but creativity as well.

Taking everything into account, besides entertaining, “Criminal Minds” show will equip audience with a variety of psychological facts. Basing on the profilers’ tactics of catching serial criminals, viewer will learn more issues concerning personality disorders and how to combat such mental maladies. In addition, spectator will receive knowledge about extreme childhood traumas and ways of curing them in order to avoid emotional torture. Comparatively, the show mixes characters in a way that keeps the audience happy and mentally involved. With the captivating plot, coupled with a touch of reality and talent, “Criminal Minds” is the show that every person ought to invest his or her time in.

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