Coverage Options for State Farm Insurance for Drug Rehab

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State Farm health insurance offers millions of Americans with the coverage they require, giving them access to doctors, hospitals. But, does State Farm have rehab benefits? The answer is yes, it provides coverage for drug rehabs. Users may opt for a State Farm insurance plan supplemental, extra to Medicare, or comprehensive. Users should establish their State Farm insurance coverage to see what drug rehab services it pays for.

Does State Farm Cover Drug Rehab?

State Farm insurance for drug rehab benefits do exist, but for some users, it can be a little difficult to access. If the policy gives benefits directly between State Farm and the insured party, the process is straightforward. Nevertheless, for those whose policies are a partnership between State Farm and other companies, it can take some work to determine how to access drug rehab benefits.

Types of Drug Rehab Covered by State Farm

Because of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies must cover substance abuse rehab as robustly as they do any other essential service. This implies that a State Farm health insurance coverage for rehab is relatively comprehensive. Detox, residential care, outpatient care, and aftercare are all covered through most State Farm policies.


When an individual is addicted to a substance that can cause deadly withdrawals, medically supervised detox is needed. State Farm insurance for substance abuse rehab will cover this as long as it is needed. Not every user will qualify for detox coverage.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehab is when the recovering addict lives at the facility. How long they can stay will be determined by the insurance company. Typically, stays longer than 30 days will need special approval, and all facilities must satisfy specific requirements set by State Farm.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab is less intensive than inpatient care, and State Farm Insurance covers drug rehab benefits for longer than they will need inpatient treatment. Just as with inpatient facilities, the provider of outpatient care has to be approved by the insurance company. The types of therapies covered by the policy can differ, so users should check with the company prior to electing to use any other therapies.

Medications And Aftercare

A State Farm health insurance coverage caters to medications and aftercare. However, there are restrictions on this. Not all forms of medication management are covered, and even when they are, the user will need to seek approval first. Aftercare can include things like ongoing therapy and specialized programs that help the user stay clean.

Types Of State Farm Health Insurance

State Farm insurance plans for rehab can come in a variety of forms. Some of the types of health insurance they offer are:
Family plans
Individual plans
Supplemental insurance
Group plans
Medicare Part D coverage
Medicare supplemental insurance

How To Use State Farm Insurance For Drug Rehab

Insurance plans can be complicated to understand, including State Farm drug rehab coverage. The insurance industry relies heavily on jargon that the average person may not be familiar with, and oftentimes, there is conflicting language in a policy. To use State Farm for drug rehab, users should seek help.

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