Cost to Develop an App like Airbnb

Creating an app like Airbnb:

Creating an app like Airbnb is a good investment idea. Here are some key steps required to make a profitable and successful project.

Creating a business plan:

Coming up with a business idea is not enough because not all ideas are feasible and worth investing in. It is easy to get carried away with an exciting idea and make things more complicated than they should. If you think that you have a good idea then to check the feasibility start considering a business plan. The business plan should highlight your goals. A written plan is essential for the success of any project because it helps in staying organized.

Developing the app:

App development has evolved a lot over the years. The apps have become more sophisticated and elegant with time and it has also increased competition. Creating a professional and efficient app needs quality development skills.
When you have a business plan in place, it is time to move to the development stage. To create an app similar to Airbnb you will need to hire experienced and skilled developers. You can either outsource the project or hire in-house developers. Whatever choice you make is going to impact the cost of the app.

Building the design:

To get the attention of the users and compete with established apps like Airbnb, the design of the app must be user-friendly. Attracting and retaining users is not easy so make sure that the design is attractive and easy to use.
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Integrating features:

It is understandable to add only basic features in the beginning. Once the app is functional and you start getting user feedback you can add better and more advanced features that will make it stand out from the competition. Advanced features help add a unique touch to the app.


Testing all the features of the app before launching is crucial. You do not want to launch an app that is full of bugs and fails to function properly.
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Regular updates:

The work of developers does not end after the app is launched. Regular updates are important because they keep the app up-to-date.

Common features:

The features you decide to add play a significant role in the efficiency of the app and the cost of development. Here are some basic features that an app like Airbnb should have:

Sign up:

An app like Airbnb must have a signup option. The basic registration process asks for an email and password. There should be a terms and policy screen so that users can read the terms and agree before signing.

Log in:

The login option should be easy and simple because people do not like apps that are too complex. There should be multiple login accounts options. Users should be able to log in using their Facebook account, Twitter account, or a Google account. There should be a ‘forget password’ option as well. Integrating the option of logging in using different accounts requires a lot of development hours and it increases the cost.

Searching option:

Booking services must have a searching function because it makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The users should be able to set dates for the trip and specify the number of guests. By setting the date users can filter their search. The renters can also check the availability of appropriate accommodation and send a booking request.

Adding favorites

It is an excellent feature to add because it makes it easier to find a place in the future.


When you send a booking request you can start a conversation with the renter and ask for video or photos of the property.


Websites like Airbnb have two types of users; hosts and guests. Both types of users should have the option to create profiles and share basic personal information with users.

Payment options:

Providing an easy and safe payment method is crucial for the success of apps like Airbnb. There should be more than a payment method so that clients can easily make the transactions.

Cost of development:

The cost to develop an App like Airbnb can vary as it depends on several factors such as:
  • Size of the project
  • Platforms required for creating the app (cross-platform, iOS, Android)
  • The difficulty of technical features and collection of functionalities
  • Versatility of design
  • Architecture solutions
If it takes 1100-1600 hours to develop the app then the approximate cost can be from $38000 to $55000. Make sure you get a quote before starting the development process.
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