Content Moderation Solutions Market: An Overview, Trends, Market Analysis, Growth, Opportunities with Top Key Players

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Continued expansion of the generation of online data drives global content moderation solutions market. Projecting the market growth at a stellar CAGR of 10.5% over 2019 - 2029, a new Fact.MR study provides an inclusive and insightful analysis of content moderation solutions market. Currently in a nascent state of growth, the market is set to receive a strong impetus from significant growth in media & communications investments at a global level.
"With user generated content witnessing meteoric growth, the gap between generated and moderated content continues to widen. Outsourcing of content moderation solutions is thus gaining traction. Outsourced content moderation contracts will continue to see flourishing prospects over the near future, as the number of privacy encroachment incidences in soaring," indicate report projections.
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Key Takeaways of Fact.MR's Study
  • Content moderation services account for over 60% of total demand, buoyed by growing inclination towards outsourcing services to recognized providers.
  • Demand for content moderation software will continue to speed up, with revenue projected to expand 2.9X through 2029.
  • Communications, and media and services would remain top end-use domains of content moderation solutions and services.
  • The Americas continue to lead, followed by Europe and Middle East & Africa (MEA).
  • Emergence of hybrid content moderation will be crucial to market build-up.
Key Drivers: Content Moderation Solutions Market
  • Substantial hike in government spending on handling individual privacy issues safely in terms of online data will bode well for the market.
  • Rising preference for automated content moderation solutions is creating a conducive environment for the market growth.
  • The expanding trend of outsourcing content moderation solutions and services is fueling the demand.
  • Increasing investments of enterprises in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are favoring adoption of automation solutions.
 Key Growth Impediments: Content Moderation Solutions Market
  • AI is still failing to identify and moderate certain aspects of the generated content, limiting the market growth.
  • Maintaining the balance between user sentiment and online content continues to be a challenging task.
  • Regulatory framework further challenges rapid growth of the market.
Competition Landscape Analysis
The global content moderation solutions market is fairly fragmented, characterized by strong presence of a number of small- and medium-scale enterprises that capture over half the revenue share. There have been some major contractual changes in the recent past, which remains a silent shaper for market. In the wake of an ascending attrition rate at companies providing content moderation services, they are shifting towards automation of solutions and services. Hybrid solutions are lately gaining prominence among key market players as a differentiating strategy. Some of the top players active in global content moderation solutions market landscape include, but are not limited to, Alphabet Inc., HCL Technologies Limited, Wipro, and Alibaba Group Holding Limited.
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About the Report
This 170-page study provides comprehensive market projection on the content moderation solutions market. The report offers actionable insights on the content moderation solutions market based on solution (content moderation services, in-house spending, outsourced, content moderation software, cloud, and on-premises) and vertical (communications, media and services, E-commerce, government, and others), across four regions (Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, East Asia, and South Asia & Oceania).

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