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Prerequisites and stand down periods for Temporary Traffic Management qualifications as prescribed by NZTA. Here is the list of Temporary Traffic Management Prerequisites for each of our training courses:

Level 1 Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Worker = no prerequisite required.
Level 1 Traffic Controller = completed their TTM Worker course.
Level 1 TC Refresher = must have a TTM qualification not expired longer than one year.
Level 1 STMS = Holds a current TC qualification or has held an STMS (at any time) in the past. To attend a Level 1 STMS course a trainee must have held their first TC qualification for a minimum of a month.
Level 1 STMS Refresher = STMS qualification expired no longer than a year.
Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS – Current Level 1 STMS OR has held a L2/3 qualification at any time.
Level 2/3 STMS NP Refresher = Level 2/3 STMS NP qualification expired no longer than one year.

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