Your garage door is an important asset and the most significant moving component of your house. Not only does it give the convenience of entering your home by just pushing a button, but it increases the curb appeal of your house. We use it every day to quickly exit or enter our home. It protects our garage from the outside elements and provides a secure space for our vehicles and personal belongings.

Your garage door should open and close in a timely fashion when you press a button, but sometimes you find your garage door moving slower than usual to open and close. It can occur due to a number of reasons, out of which some reasons you can resolve on your own while others require the help of garage door professional like Garage Door Repair, Dallas. Below are few methods utilizing which you can fix a slow opening garage door quickly:

Find The Speed And Adjust It: It is observed that sometimes if the opener of the garage door is new, it starts opening slowly, which maybe because of the speed dial. Electric garage door openers contain a speed dial, which is responsible for garage door opening and closing speed. Brand new openers are often set to the slowest setting. Finding the speed dial and adjusting it can help to make your garage door open normally. You can take help from the owner's manual to find the speed dial's location on the electric opener and adjust it accordingly.

Lubricate All The Parts of Your Garage Doors: It is recommended that you should lubricate all the moving parts of your garage door every three months. Without proper lubrication, its moving parts become stiff and harder to move, resulting in the slow opening/closing of your garage door. If you find a similar issue with your garage door, it is time to clean and lubricate the moving parts, which include tracks, springs, hinges, and rollers. You can utilize silicone spray or a good lubricant to do the same.

Inspect Thoroughly The Tracks: Continuous movement of a garage door can cause tracks to become loose, resulting in the slow movement of your garage door. If you find your garage door moving slowly, thoroughly check tracks for dings, dents, and other flaws as the roller cannot glide properly and easily on them. Cleaning the tracks can quickly fix the slowness of your garage door.

From the above discussion, it becomes clear that your garage door's slowness can be caused by speed dial, lack of lubrication, and issues with tracks. Also, in some cases, it can be caused by a motor issue. If you have tried to fix the garage door issue but unable to do so, Garage Door Repair, Dallas can help you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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