Collaborative Community Launches Other Companies In Exchange Of Lifetime Loyalty Royalty Reward

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HOLY SMOKES! Just a few things happening and they are huge! Do you see it yet? 
We got paid royalties from 2 more brands last night!! 14 more by December! Nya Marquez is opening for Chris Brown; 3 Awards for Donavon Carpenter, including a People\'s Choice #1; 3 government funded brands; products at Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, True Value, Ace Hardware, on Amazon and HSN...the list goes on !!!!Like i\'ve said before, you can see what\'s going on here, what are you waiting for?? HIT ME UP!!!

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I am a world citizen. i believe the the earth is one country and mankind its citizens. I believe that unity is more important than being right. Unity in diversity is the culture of the new world order.

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