Classification of Windows by material. Plastic window device.

Classification of Windows by material. Plastic window device.

Today, systems are manufactured using very complex technologies, which results in excellent heat and sound insulation. Products made of PVC are very popular today. But for those who prefer the classic version, wooden frames are also made using new technologies. As a result, the finished product is completely different from the old wooden ones.

I bought a European Windows ​​​​
Metal-plastic structures have been known to the world for more than 50 years. On the territory of our country, they appeared much later. All products were imported from other countries, since domestic production was not established. Today, using the technology of leading brands, products are manufactured on the territory of the country. The metal-plastic device consists of:

polyvinyl chloride profile;
an amplifier made of galvanized steel, which is located inside the profile chambers;
high-end fittings;
glass unit.
Using a PVC profile in production conditions, you can create a window of completely different configurations.

aluminum Windows.

Many people associate aluminum with industrial buildings, offices, and stores. It is in such establishments that aluminum window frames are most often used. Due to their strength, such frames are installed in homes where they will be subjected to intense loads. Also, very often such metal frames are used for the construction of winter gardens, balcony glazing. This frame allows you to create a large window.

wooden Windows.

Previously, only wooden Windows were installed in houses, which were deformed over time, cracks were formed, through which heat was lost and cold came in. Today, in order to create a wooden window, new technologies are used. For the manufacture of such Windows, solid wood or three-layer timber is used. It is the use of glued beams that completely eliminates the possibility of any deformation. Glazing is a modern double - or single-chamber double-glazed Windows.

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