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Technology and Start-up

In this digital era, coming up with startup business ideas that stand out from the rest and starting a business is easy. The word “startup” tells us an innovation or an idea and growing it into a massive success giant. A startup entrepreneur displays the vision, mission, and values it pursues with aligning its action to what it promises through the startup business ideas.

Technology means different things to different people and holds varied importance in various sectors of business. In recent years, Technology has been created its own space in startups! Technology companies contribute to a bigger percentage of the world economy. Many non-technological industries are either on the verge of dying at technology’s hands or transforming itself into a tech-oriented company.

All businesses can benefit from using the right tech, and a startup entrepreneur can make the biggest gains with the right and latest technology to concentrate for a startup to gain maximum benefits. A startup with a solid base of technology is more powerful and a startup business idea or a plan without tech stack, scalability for any startup can’t be achieved.

Startups employ tech tools to get even more work done in less time and yield better profit margins, highly effective employees, and more satisfied customers. With reduced costs, startups can embrace the latest software hardware innovation and platforms for enhanced productivity and increased efficiency

'Fail fast', 'Quick iterations', 'Agile development' are the buzz words for startups today. Earlier, mobile app development or building software applications required setting up a team with a detailed project plan to implement the work in phases. In today’s digital age, the beta application is built in just a few months, shipped, iterated, scaled, and converted into the desired application in a much shorter period of time.

The amazing technologies in software for a startup are the main reason behind the fast application development among startups. Let’s explore and dive into some of the trending technologies.


JavaScript is a cost-effective technology stack that is being used by many start-up entrepreneurs as a road to success. This language of the browser is much more than being limited to the browser now. It rules and leads the front-end development with its new approach, continual evolvement, and speed.
JavaScript is the most-used programming language and one of the top trending technologies in software for start-up. It is the most preferred choice for a startup over the years that is more sustainable, modern, and effective.


NoSQL databases are very useful to store and retrieve a large amount of data quickly and efficiently with bulk processing at the interface layer. You can build flawless applications which require a humongous amount of data to be stored, quickly retrieved, and processed without a worry about the performance issues.

NoSQL is Schemaless. A schema is a blueprint design for your database. A NoSQL database can receive all the data and can be labeled the way you want giving you real-time flexibility, integrating information from multiple sources.

Node Js

Node – a platform of JavaScript which is built on the top of a beast called V8 is Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine makes it super easy and faster to build fancy stuff in an app in real-time, giving the users an amazing experience.

Node is perfect for real-time applications across all distributed services. It is lightweight and efficient as it uses non-blocking I/O model and you can make any application or real-time multiplayer game that requires synchronous operations

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most important technology that is responsible for such a high rate of growth in tech startups and tech companies across the globe. Cloud computing represents the concept of 'Lean Development' by replacing the capital expenses with low variable costs that scale up with the business.
Cloud computing allows startups to host Web applications in a highly scalable way by paying only for the resources you use. There are a lot of cloud service providers like AWS, Salesforce, Rackspace, Microsoft, Citrix but AWS seems to be a clear winner among these.

Outsourcing to IT Solution Providers

Apart from these, another factor to be taken into consideration by startup entrepreneurs is outsourcing to tech providers, which is one of the routes that keep your company at a competitive edge with the IT outsourcing providers' emphasis on cutting-edge technologies that support the deployment of best quality products.

The wrong choice of tech stack leads to mismanagement, idea failure, and a misleading strategy to scale up startup business ideas.

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