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Creativity has no boundaries and limitations, but creative people like artists need appreciation and encouragement to keep doing meaningful and better work. It is natural that artists and painters need to sell their art to be able to sustain themselves. They can look at becoming professional artists only when their work sells and fetch them money. But being an artist is different from donning the cap of a sales and marketing person. Art for sale is one of the biggest challenges that artists face until the time they become competent enough to sell and market their art pieces.  

Choosing the right target audience is the first step towards a successful sale. As an artist, you need to divert some of your time in understanding who your ideal clients are and what is that which can bind your work with this group. Understanding the essence of your work and how it can be meaningful for the selected audience goes a long way in determining how good you are doing by putting up your art for sale.

As pointed out earlier, artists find it difficult usually to fit in the shoes of a marketer. It does not come easy for every creative person. So, you need to find a channel or a platform that can do promote your work and help you with art for sale. Try an online art gallery. You can for sure try a conventional art museum or gallery but dealing with one in the physical world can prove to another big challenge. The online world is much easier to deal with. Online art selling websites that have evolved in the recent past are proving to be a big support to the art industry. Especially if you are a new upcoming artist who wants to make it big. Being associated with an online art selling portal can be beneficial in lots of ways.

it is a cost-effective proposition compared to going to a real art gallery. Online sites do not have unnecessary logistic costs that run into millions. This helps them keep their running costs down and hence these sites do not come down heavily on artists and over-charge them to put up their artwork in their display categories.

the other distinct advantage of working with an online art gallery is that most of these websites are super active in promoting and marketing their online portals as they have to get business and customers to their site. This aspect takes care of the challenges that individual artists face when they need to step out of their artist's shoes and take up the roles of marketers.

The good thing is that online art galleries view you as important as they would a professional painter or a famous painter. This is so because at the end of the day their bottom-line would be to put art for sale. So, whether it is a Felix Ziem painting, or it is a piece of work from an aspiring artist, it does not really make much of a difference. As long as the site’s bottom-lines are being met, they would be fair with all works submitted with them.

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