Choose Different Wooden Flooring Textures and Patterns for a Charming Look

In erstwhile homes, wood was one of the major construction materials used that added charm and warmth to the interiors. Wooden flooring is available in both solid wood floors and engineered wood floors wherein the top layer is made up of wood. Maintaining these floors is slightly challenging although it looks very impressive and elegant. The best substitute for this material that is available these days is wood-alike tiles that bring the best of ceramic tiles and looks of wooden flooring. Available in multiple wooden flooring textureit has turned out to be the best flooring solution for residential and commercial areas.

These are available in various thicknesses and lengths. Here we draw your attention to various patterns available in the tiles that add to the look of your floor. Each pattern brings a remarkable and inspiring look to space.
Straight pattern

This installation of tiles in a straight pattern or line ensures effortless installation and minimum wastage. Install them on your floor and enjoy the timeworn look. It will give your dream home a unique splendor and style. The tiles laid in parallel lines will also help to make the room look longer than it is. Thus, the visual impact is amazing.
Diagonal pattern

These tiles are also available in sizes and dimensions that allow it to be installed in a diagonal pattern. Go for a 45-degree angle to the wall and enjoy its astounding look. Such a floor with a diagonal pattern in a rectangular or a square room looks lovely. It adds an expansiveness feature to the room. The wastage may be more when going with this pattern, but the ultimate result is too good to be missed.

Random Tiles

Such a tiling pattern brings the eclectic blend of tiles in different colors, lengths, and widths creating an informal look. It not only adds organic warmth to space but also adds a subtle charm to the whole area.

When looking for appropriate car parking tilesyou will come across a lot of options that are perfectly suitable for this area. Here are a few features that you must consider-

Tiles that withstand wear and tear

When looking for parking tiles, ensure that the tiles are robust and can sustain heavy footfall or traffic. Despite extensive use, the signs of wear and tear must not mar the look of the area. There are endless options available in full-bodied tiles that are perfect for this area.

Easy Grip

These tiles must provide extra grip so that the area is not slippery after rain. The tile options with grooves seem to be the best choice as it will enhance grip and provide a strong foothold. Moreover, these tiles must be water-resistant.

Robust Tiles

Since these tiles will have to sustain heavyweight, ensure that it is robust enough and do not break, chip, or crack easily. It must also be resistant to various weather elements.


Appearance or looks of these tiles is equally important as it plays a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of space. These tiles are available in multiple designs, colors, patterns, and styles. Choose something that goes perfectly well with the overall look of your home.
Tiles are one of the major construction elements used when building homes, offices, or commercial spaces. When choosing appropriate options for different spaces, a lot of factors need to be considered so that a proper selection can be made. Look for durable tiles that serve for a long time to come.

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