Chaitra Vedullapalli: Helping to Achieve Economic Prosperity

Chaitra Vedullapalli the Co- founder and CMO of Meylah is recognized as an Influential Business Leader with a passion to enable digital equity and access to achieve economic prosperity in our communities. Vedullapalli is also the Co-Founder & President of Women in Cloud, sits on many boards and drives global conversations with the United Nations and top corporations throughout the U.S.
In an interview with Insights Success, the spokesperson of Meylah shares the journey of Chaitra and the company. Below are the highlights of the interview;

Give a brief overview of your background and Chaitra ‘s role in Meylah.
Chaitra Vedullapalli is originally from India and moved to the United States 25 years ago with her husband Ram Vedullapalli. She did electrical engineering from RVCE in India and has worked with tech giants like Oracle and Microsoft before starting her own business, Meylah Corporation, partnering with her husband.
Chaitra is the Co- founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Meylah. As the CMO she is often responsible for business development, client management as well as the marketing and PR coordination. She is regularly keeping track of social media handles and other PR activities. She also ideates several products for Meylah. Speaker Engage is one of her brainchild to transform the events industry to adopt cloud technologies.
How do you diversify your solutions that appeal to your target audience? 
Meylah’s mission is to help companies access the digital economy. A lot of our efforts are focused on working with corporations and their channels to ignite local economic development leveraging technologies, communities and programs. We work with customers to drive digital transformation with cloud & AI technologies. We leverage blue ocean business model thinking to design and develop solutions that create access to digital economy and reduce cost of doing business. During this progress, we spend a lot of time accessing what solutions actually will become sticky and develop diverse solutions to address market needs.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every businesswoman should possess.
“I was at Oracle when my mentor, Bronwyn Hasting, now EVP at SAP said a person who leads from the back and ensures everyone is taken care of is a True Leader. She also said you can say you are a leader when you have created leaders who have created leaders. That resonated with my philosophy of serving, influencing and partnering with people to lead change. I believe every leader comes with their own set of traits and brings in their perspective through their experiences. Hence a “great leader” is subjective. However, I believe there are certain leadership traits that make a leader stand out in the crowd:
  1. Coachability: Being coachable empowers the people around you to learn and grow. Being coachable allows you to be vulnerable with people and resolve obstacles easily.
  2. Feedback Resilience: Being able to take all kinds of feedback without getting triggered is crucial in leading change. I believe when you receive feedback you are getting a gift from others and they are helping to see your own blind spots that you can see.
  3. Ego Management: As you rise to the top, your ego becomes bigger and bigger. Ability for you to manage your ego and your emotions will serve you well. Kindness is the antidote for ego slaying.
  4. Access Enabler: I believe that every leader priority must be to enable access for their employees, customers and partners to realize their potential. I believe in creating economic access and have dedicated my life to this cause.” Chaitra Vedullapalli
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