Cathay Pacific Pregnancy Policy

Passengers carrying complex pregnancies, who arrive by week 28, should return to the table below to understand all the requirements and documentation required to ensure acceptance on our flights.

Complicated Pregnancies

For those with a difficult pregnancy (i.e., pregnancy with all sorts of complications), relying on the journey relies on medical knowledge mentioned in the MEDA document and reviewed by our Company Professional Medical Care for any cause - requires medical permission from our medical team. before the trip. Please make sure you and your primary care physician complete our MEDA form and submit it within 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

It is recommended that you have health insurance/travel insurance to cover any coverage issues related to your trip. You need to make sure that there are enough healthy places in the country to deal with the problems that arise during your visit and avoid going to distant places during pregnancy.

If you need medication during your pregnancy, you must have adequate supplies for the journey. Please keep in mind that certain medications, such as certain types of malaria and vaccines, cannot be used during pregnancy. If the destination country requires such prevention, it may be better to postpone the trip until after the pregnancy.

Some countries restrict the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is advisable to contact the local consulate to confirm the country-specific requirements.
If you have doubts about its pregnancy policy must go through it before making Cathay Pacific Reservations.

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