Canon launches three new CMOS sensors up to 250 million pixels

Not long ago, Canon released three new CMOS sensors-2U250MRXS, ultra-high sensitivity LI3030 series and LI7050SAC. Among them, 2U250MRXS has an APS-C format and 250 million pixels.

2U250MRXS is a CMOS sensor with APS-H format (29.35mm x 18.88mm), available in color and black and white versions. The size of a single pixel of both is 1.5µm x 1.5µm, and the resolution is 29.35mm x 18.88mm. 250 million pixels, using a rolling shutter, the maximum output speed is 5FPS, the reading speed can be increased to 30FPS, 60FPS in 8K and 4K modes respectively, the sensitivity of the color version is 4,100 e/lx/se, the black and white version data has not been announced yet. Compared with the 120-million-pixel sensor 120MXS introduced in the early years, the 2U250MRXS has doubled the pixels, making it more suitable for use in aerial surveying and mapping, document scanning, wide-area surveillance and other fields. I believe that it has nothing to do with cameras and cameras. Go to this sensor.

The LI3030 series has two sensors, LI3030SAI and LI3030SAM. The former is RGB-IR, and the latter is a black and white sensor with a full frame design. The single pixel size reaches 19μm and the resolution is only 2160×1280. It is a sensor for astronomical observation and industrial use. . LI7050SAC is a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor with a pixel size of 4.1μm and a resolution of approximately 2.12 million pixels (1936×1096). It can provide 20-stop high dynamic range in HDR mode, and the reading speed is 30FPS or 60FPS, optimized Green light sensitivity, suitable for use in the security field.

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