Cancer Lagna

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Ascendant or rising is represented by the first house within the horoscope. Ascendant is the most vital aspect of astrology. It forms the inspiration of personality, mindset and overall life. Different signs of Ascendant/Lagna have different influences on personality and life in astrology. 

Aries Lagna/Ascendant/Rising: 

Aries is the first check-in Astrology. Aries is ruled by Mars. The Person with Aries ascendant is direct and active. they're pioneers. they're aggressive, competitive and filled with enthusiasm. they need a really active mind. They have a change of environment on a daily basis. Aries person is found to modify jobs, change houses quickly. they're born leaders and need to excel in whatever they are doing . they're success-oriented people and have a lot of mental stamina. Cancer Lagna

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