Can Ayurveda Treat Kidney Stone? Here's Everything That You Should Know

There are a number of bodily issues that often arise out of even the most harmless habits and happen to the healthiest of people. One such issue is the condition of a kidney stone. When mineral like calcium gets clumped together to form a small hard deposit; the condition is what we usually call kidney stone. Because of the movement of this ‘stone’, it causes immense amounts of pain in the body, especially in the sides, alongside infections, discomfort, and in worst cases, kidney failure.

Ayurveda treats kidney stones by flooding the kidney with solvents. What that does is it dissolves the stone to either pass through the urine as an adjunct, or breaks it into smaller pieces so it can pass through without any pain. Most ayurvedic kidney stone syrup work this way. The belief of the balance of the 3 doshas in the body is an important aspect of Ayurveda and the treatment for kidney stones also follows the same principle. 

As we know well, Ayurveda does not involve cutting up the body but rather treats it through the ingestion of various herbs that balance the doshas and rids the body of any kind of toxins. Some of the best tips from Ayurveda to help treat the issue of kidney stones are mentioned here:

  • Water

Water is the best way to keep your body stay in perfect shape. Our bodies are made up of about 75% water, which is why staying hydrated is the best way of detoxifying your body. The more the kidneys will process the water, the better your toxins will be removed from your body.

  • Tulasi

Tulasi or Holy Basil has been known as one of the best herbs in Ayurveda. It is used for a variety of applications in traditional Indian medicine for its healing properties and antimicrobial properties. You will be blending Tulsi leaves in warm water to create a detoxifying green tea. This kidney stone tonic will help breakdown the stone and help you pass the stone naturally, without trouble.

  • Horse Gram

Horse Gram is known as a rich source of calcium, iron, protein, and phosphorus, and is known as one miraculous pulse. It is known to dissolve kidney stones, and even gallbladder stones, allowing them to be passed in the urine naturally.

Kidney stones are a painful experience for anyone, but there are a number of ways to treat them naturally. Ayurveda is one of those powerful sciences that allows you to live a fuller and healthier life without needing to face any side effects. 

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