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In this fashion conscious world, colored gemstones have made a great impact on gemstone lovers. People, are in awe of colored stones like the red ruby gemstone. You must be aware of the fact that red is indeed a color that attracts a lot of attention. For years, it has been a dominant color and in gemstone, it has been used in a big way to make jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other types of jewelry. If you talk about red color gemstone, ruby stone will come first in the mind as it is really astonishingly beautiful. The popularity of this amazing color is beyond imagination and it reflects emotions like passion, love and lust.  The fiery red color gemstones are perfect for jewelry making and today’s couples are grabbing different pieces of ruby jewelry like ruby ring, ruby engagement ring, ruby wedding rings etc with both hands.

Before talking about rubies, you should understand that among colored gemstones red hue holds a great position as it is really eye-catching and most importantly, women love it the most. If you are a first time buyer, you should know that rubies are brilliant red color gemstones that are not only stunning but also highly valuable. Loose rubies are actually red version of the minerals known as Corundum. The name ‘ruby’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which actually means red. Rubies are found in hue right from deep blood color to light pink. In some areas of the world, the light pink rubies go by the name of Pink Sapphires. Rubies are widely known as the birthstone of people born in the month of July.

This lovely gemstone can be found in many places of the world. The best rubies come from countries like Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many more. One important fact that you should know as a buyer is that rubies are one of the hardest natural gems. In fact, rubies are closely behind diamond in terms of hardness. It is highly durable and apt for making fine pieces of jewelry. When people talk about red color gemstone, ruby is usually the first gemstone that comes into mind. As the world knows that women love this color the most and they prefer to wear ruby rings, ruby engagement rings, ruby earrings and other pieces to enhance their personality and style.

Among all rubies, the pigeon blood color of Burma is considered as best in quality and it really valuable.  Natural genuine rubies cost more in the market and some pieces cost more than diamonds. There are synthetic rubies in the market too, so you check the 4Cs of a gemstone before buying it. You should always buy your gemstones from a reputed online jewelry store. You should check the color and other parameters before buying your ruby ring or any other piece of ruby jewelry.

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