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My first job out of college had a lot of travel. Since I was 23 without a SO, I was volunteered more often than not to go to wherever needed the extra set of hands. I enjoyed the work, but I didn't exactly get sent to the most exciting places.

After a day at a customer site, I went back to my hotel room to shower and change. I didn't really feel like driving, so I walked over to a restaurant across the parking lot from my hotel and tried to sit at the bar. There was only one seat left, so I asked the woman sitting next to it if it was available. She says yes, then looks up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen.

As I sat down, I check her out. Late thirties, pixie cut, black skirt, black jacket, and white blouse. She's a little heavier, but even under the jacket I can tell she has huge boobs.

After the bartender grabbed my drink order, we start talking. Eventually I find out her name is Sarah, get some backstory, find out we're in the same hotel, and it hits me that she's flirting with me. As we tab out, I throw a shot and ask if she wants to grab a bottle of wine and we can sit on the patio at the hotel.

"Let's skip that part and head to my room." Bingo!

We start walking back to the hotel, keeping it mostly civil, but as soon as we got to the elevator it got hot. She hit me with a full-on make out, and my hands are already searching her body. Eventually we realized we didn't hit a button for the floor, so she quickly hit the 4 and we start moving. When the door opens, we compose ourselves and she grabs my hand and leads me to her room. As she's fiddling with the key, I'm already working on the zipper on the back of her skirt.

We get into her room and our clothes started flying off. I pulled her skirt off pushed her onto the bed, kissing her neck while I got her shirt off the rest of the way. She's wearing a black bra and black lace thong, still in her red heels. I stand up to let her take my pants off, and she immediately took my cock into her mouth.

Eventually she pulled me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I one handed her bra while she was sliding my cock into her, and got the pleasure of her tits in my face while she was riding me.

As this is happening, her phone is ringing constantly. After the fourth call, she kisses me, apologizes, and jumps up to get it. With her phone up to her ear, she climbed back into bed and started playing with my cock.

“No, you have to get the contract from so and so”, break for her to start sucking, pops back up and starts with her hands again, “yes, do that and send me an email.” All in all she was on the phone for about five minutes, all while keeping me in a blissful place. She hangs up, throws her phone to the chair, and climbs back on top, all without missing a beat.

I came to a finish with her bent over the chair, with the curtains open.

I spent the night in her room that night, fucking two more times, and she gave me a very sloppy blowjob as the sun was rising. As I grabbed my clothes and started to head out the door, I asked for her number in case we were both in town again.

With a kiss, “No honey, one night only,” was all I got.

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