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Leafy Pros is offering training to prepare prospective Budtenders for the Medical Marijuana Industry. We provide Budtender Training in Maryland, Florida, Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nyc, Ohio, San Diego, and Columbia. After legalizing the use of Marijuana for Medicinal purposes, the Cannabis Industry has been uplifted and requires highly qualified workers to help them properly take care of the patients.

Contact us Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.leafypros.com

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Leafy Pros extend Budtender Training in Maryland that offers a standard certification program in Maryland, Florida, Las Vegas, Nyc, Ohio, San Diego, United States to make you well trained certified Budtenders. Email: [email protected]

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Budtender Training
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Our specialized trainers are coming to a city near you to teach you the latest trends in the medical cannabis industry. Don’t miss the chance and get yourself registered for an upcoming training event.

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