Boost your baby's growth with the help of multigrain cereals

For several years, cereals made up of rice was considered the gold standard for the first food of the babies. But recently, the new advice of baby feeding states that the babies can be given many types of foods that include yogurts, meat purees, veggies as well as fruits.

Cereal, particularly organic multigrain cereal for babies, is the first choice as baby food because they are easy to digest and do not cause any allergic reactions. These are also recommended as the parents like to provide solid foods to the babies much earlier.

Benefits of baby cereals

The baby cereals that are fortified offer multiple benefits to the diet of the babies, mostly mineral and iron that is good for the development and growth of the babies. The natural iron storage inside the baby's body gets depleted within six months so it is always better to provide iron supplemented food to the babies from the beginning. The cereals for the babies such as quinoa and oat are sources of whole grains in the baby's diet.

The whole grains deliver a high level of nutrients as well as fiber-like minerals and nutrients more than the refined grains. The baby cereals also serve as a nice vehicle for other foods such as peanut butter that is properly stirred inside it. It is also an excellent way to add a heft of fruit purees as well as veggies to the babies who are ready for the heartier textures.

Are grains in cereals safe for the babies?

The babies are well capable of digesting grains that provide valuable nutrients to the babies. The fact that limiting gluten before 4 to 6 months causes allergic reactions or celiac diseases is completely false.

How to choose the best baby cereal?

The doctors and the pediatricians recommend that the cereals that are made with iron are the best for the babies. The babies like quinoa and oat-based cereals but the babies must be given limited rice cereal every week and serve other kinds of foods too. Prevent giving plain and simple oats to the babies as they do not contain any iron-fortified grains.

Arsenic in baby cereals

Some people say that the cereals made up of rice contain arsenic that is a toxic heavy metal and is harmful to the babies. The metal easily gets inside rice seeds as they are available in the air, water, and soil and rice has got a tendency to absorb more arsenic as compared to the other crops. It certainly makes the parents worried as the bodies of the babies are too small for arsenic intake.

But the presence of arsenic does not mean that organic baby food online is unsafe for the babies. The doctors recommend serving a wide variety of food grain cereals like oat and barley that reduces the risk of arsenic intake. The rice products are suitable for small babies in small quantities but harmful if consumed in large quantities.

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