Booming prospects and aspects to be considered while developing a Tripadvisor clone app

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Traveling is for people to enjoy and explore different places, and these online travel booking apps have made travel booking straightforward and effortless. They can plan their travel at per their preference as a Tripadvisor app offers a wide range of travel, rides, and holiday packages for the customers to choose from. Aspiring entrepreneurs can become part of the travel booking trade by owning an online travel booking clone app.

Key factors related to the tourism industry and the Tripadvisor app:

  • The growth of tourism has outpaced the Global GDP in the last year.

  • The online tourism growth rate of North America has grown by 25% in the last ten years.

  • Tripadvisor ‘s expenditure has grown at an annual average growth rate of 7.4% over the past decade. 

  • Even when total spending fell by 5.3% in the depths of the global recession in 2009, Tripadvisor-influenced spends outperformed the wider trend.

  • The global revenue of Tripadvisor has reached up to $18 million globally in 2017 alone.

  • Reports filed by Tripadvisor say that 22.4% and 29.3% of people prefer this app for accommodation and travel respectively.

Let’s look at the aspects influencing the cost of Tripadvisor app clone.

  • Business owners must first decide on that platform for the app launch like Android, iOS, etc.

  • The features and the time to be spent on Tripadvisor clone app development.

  • Decide on the business model for applications like the aggregator model, B2C model, etc.

  • Developers should have online payment integration through wallet, credit card, debit card, or net banking for the Tripadvisor clone script.

Business owners can be part of this booming market by launching their Tripadvisor clone app with the assistance of Appdupe, a leading clone app development company.

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