Black Friday 2020 is here! We select the best offers: mattresses, pillows, bed bases, duvets ...

It is possible that you too have been putting up with those purchases (especially expensive ones) for a few days or even weeks waiting for this day to save you a good dough.

And it\'s normal, you are not the only one.

That is why we have made this selection with the best products (mattresses, bed bases, duvets, pillows, toppers ...) of rest so that you save as much as possible this week.

We hope we have helped you and that you get the best products at a VERY LOW price.


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Below you will see a table with the best selection of products in the mattress category .
You will find the mattresses that we recommend buying at a discount, as well as the best valued covers, protectors and toppers.

* The mattresses have been chosen based on the standard double size of 150x190cm and the price of the double mattresses. However, once you click on the see price links you can find them in many different sizes. The ones marked below are the best mattresses for the rest of 150 X 190. Here we have selected good prices for you, if you are wondering where to buy mattresses with a Black Friday sale.


mattress is from the FLEX brand, highly recognized by everyone in the world of rest, which provides an extra guarantee. As you can see in the image, the best FLEX mattress has been chosen by the customers of the mattress brand.

Its viscoelastic has gel particles that give more freshness to this material, which can become hot. Its core, with pocket springs , is ideal for a well-ventilated mattress , to which you can add any bed base.

You can find them in all standard sizes and the good news is that they are also in King and Queen Size sizes .

Opinion and advice of the mattress with Flex gel

Its pocket springs make it a suitable mattress for humid areas, since it aerates easily, which prevents the appearance of mold.

It is not a recommended mattress for people with a lot of weight, since despite its height it is not a hard mattress, but of medium hardness.

Its memory foam adapts to the body, and thanks to its gel, it provides an extra freshness in summer.


For lovers of latex, we have chosen this mattress from the brand MARCAPIUMA. This Italian brand, which manufactures its mattresses in that country,  has very good ratings from users and offers a 10-year warranty .

Latex mattresses need a lot of perspiration , so you need a laminated bed base, DO NOT use it on upholstered bases or couches (if they are not laminated) and much less wooden boards without perspiration.

You can find them in all standard sizes and the good news is that they are also in King and Queen Size sizes .

latex mattress opinion and advice

If you have already tried latex mattresses and you like them, you just have to look . All users who have tried the product affirm that it is very good and, most add that they would buy it again.

If you like very hard mattresses, do not opt for this type of mattress, it has a medium hardness since latex adapts very well to the body. However, if you are hot, we recommend this mattress, since latex is cooler than memory foam.

Unboxing mattress EMMA - What do we think of this mattress?

We have tested the EMMA mattress to  help you make the best choice . Is it really as good as it is painted? Is it medium or high firmness? Do you keep your back straight? ...

Opinion and advice of the EMMA mattress

The seller ensures that if you are not satisfied with the mattress , you have up to 100 nights to return it for free . The returned mattresses are donated to charitable associations and this for us is a plus. Although keep in mind that they do not remove the old mattress.

Medium hard, pulling a little to high, ideal if you like firm mattresses. Suitable for people up to 100Kg.

Valid for any bed base . Remember that it has a viscoelastic layer, so if you are very hot, do not opt for this mattress.

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