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BitQuick is one of the easiest platforms to buy instant Bitcoins. The company provides a marketplace where a buyer and a seller can connect easily. Bitquick exchange is used for buying and selling Bitcoins. Founded by Jad Mubaslat in 2013 with headquarters in Cincinnati, US. One of the top crypto exchange to offer a variety of currencies. It could be rightly said that BitQuick is providing one of the cheapest platforms to convert cash or fiat currency to Bitcoins in a very short span of time. BitQuick is accepted in several regions such as CA, EU, RU, AU, and the US. Thus, opening more prospects for the Bitcoin enthusiast.
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Payment gateway

The payment gateway is one important aspect when it comes to successful transactions. Easy payment gateways provide more convenience to the users. There are two payment methods accepted on BitQuick. The first mode of payment is cash i.e. a user or to be precise a buyer can make a cash deposit directly in sellers account. The second mode of payment is SEPA transfer. SEPA is Single Euro Payments Area that simplifies the bank transfers in Euro.
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