Bitcoin Pizza Moment – Winklevoss Twins Spends 312 BTC for Space Travel

Tyler Winklevoss, Richard Branson, Tyler Winklevoss posing for the camera
The Winklevoss brothers took a major step into making a difference when, in 2014, they bought a flight ticket with Virgin Galactic to space. As this is particularly interesting, it is more worthy of note to discover that the currency used to pay was bitcoin. At the time, the bitcoin millionaires decided to spill some of their BTC for Space Travel and exploration, spending 312.5 BTC for a flight ticket.

Winklevoss Twins Spends 312 BTC for Space Travel

In comparison to the popular “pizza bitcoin story“, the Winklevoss brothers spent $3 million dollars in today’s valuation of Bitcoins to acquire a flight ticket. Although, at the time, bitcoins spent was worth $250,000.
Unlike the controversial pizza bitcoin saga where a programmer bought two Papa Jones pizza for 10,000 bitcoins, the Winklevoss’ brother exploration of the space seems to be more than worth its price. According to a blog post following the event, the bitcoin millionaires consider the possibilities that might be just around the corner.

Possible Collaboration Between Bitcoin And Space Satellites

According to them, hypothetically, a natural disaster strikes a remote part of the world during a long holiday weekend. Via the Virgin Galactic platform, emergency responders and volunteers are boots on the ground in less than two hours. Simultaneously, small payload satellites are launched into space overhead. These satellites bring not only Internet and data connectivity to the area, but also high definition video feeds and ground-penetrating radar that can help facilitate search and rescue efforts.
Financial aid and charitable donations can now instantly transferable for free via the Bitcoin network. Potentially, the overall loss of life is reduced, injuries are mitigated and rebuilding efforts are accelerated because two technologies have allowed goodwill and compassion to go to work that much faster.

The Need For Bitcoin Today

In today’s reality, the Winklevoss brothers’ imaginations of 2014 are fast coming into the picture. According to a recent event, the spread of coronavirus could have met with a perfect solution with bitcoin way ahead of time. However, it seems slow adoption and regulatory blockage of fine technology is beginning to cost us much more than we can afford.
Further, the fight for ushering in a new era of post-currency, entirely ledger-based decentralized financial systems, a new era of post-aircraft, sub-orbital spacecraft-based travel systems appears not lost yet. At the heights of the tensions faced by bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, world powers like China and the US are fast developing regulatory instances that might allow the coexistence of bitcoin with their present financial systems.

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